Q. I have been told Hair Extensions are very expensive is that true?
A. Depending on where you live, salons in Australia can charge from $1200 to $3500. At Luscious Lengths we do not charge city or salon prices. We have very competitive prices and our priority is to keep our clients happy and keep them coming back to us for years to come.
Q. How do I know if I am a suitable candidate for hair extensions?
A. Book in for a free consultation to discuss with the technician whether or not you are suitable. You should be a good candidate provided you do not have alopecia or a history of any hair disorders & not currently on any medication that could be detrimental to your growing hair.
Q. Will the colour of the hair extensions be matched to my own hair?
A. Yes. We have a large selection of colours to choose from and we do our best to match the extensions to your own hair.
Q. How long will my hair extensions last?
A. It is dependent on how fast your hair grows and how well you care for your extensions. Generally extensions will last up to 3-6 months in some cases longer. We recommend a check-up at 6–8 weeks and if required the extensions will be moved up. We charge $70 per hour to move the extensions up.
Q. Are the extensions re-usable?
A. It is possible to re-use the hair extensions in most cases. This is dependent on how well you follow the after care instructions.
Q. Can I have the extensions permed if I want curly hair?
A. Yes. Although you must be aware this process is damaging to your growing hair as well as your extensions.
Q. Will Luscious Lengths hair extensions damage my own hair?
A. No. The procedure we use is gentle painless and will not damage your hair as long as you follow our after care instructions.
Q. If my growing hair has previously been coloured can I continue to re-colour my roots?
A. Yes.
Q. I have curly hair but I prefer to continually straighten my hair. Can I use a hair straightener on the extensions as well?
A. Yes. However you must avoid touching the extension joins with any hot appliance. So make sure you avoid the joins.
Q. What if I no longer want to continue having the extensions?
A. Make an appointment and we will remove the extensions for you at a cost of $70 per hour. You should never attempt to remove the extensions yourself as you could damage your own hair if you do not know how to remove them properly.
Q. How much will my extensions cost?
A. Make an appointment today for a no obligation free consultation during which we will provide you with a fixed quote for your extensions. Alternatively you can provide us with digital photographs of the front back and sides of your existing hair and we will provide a quote based on them. Photographs can be emailed to extensions@lusciouslengths.com.au
Q. Can I brush my hair with extensions in?
A. Yes but we recommend you use a “Soft Bristle” or “Boar Bristle” brush which is gentle on your extensions. We will demonstrate the correct brushing technique during your appointment.
Q. Can I leave my hair to dry naturally after shampooing and conditioning?
A. You must ensure your hair is dried properly from the roots to just below the bonds. However from below the bonds to the tips can be left to dry naturally. Before lying down or going to bed ensure your hair is thoroughly dried and either put into a plait or braid or pony. This will help prevent your hair getting tangled whilst you are sleeping.
Q. Where does the hair for extensions come from?
A. All of the hair we use is the finest quality Remy hair. We get the hair from a few different countries as everyone’s hair has a different texture and we will use the hair that is best suited to you. We use only top quality European, Indian, Russian and Korean hair.
Q. How long does the procedure take?
A. It varies depending on the individual. For a full head usually between 2-3 hours dependent on the number of extensions required to achieve the look you desire.
Q. Will the extensions be obvious and unsightly?
A. The bonds we use are discreet and the procedure we use ensures that the joins are secretly concealed.
Q. Do you provide after care service?
A. Yes. Firstly you are invited to return within 2-4 weeks for a routine check and thereafter every 4-6 weeks. If you have any concerns at anytime please contact us.
Q. Can I style the extensions?
A. Yes. You can blow dry set curl and style Luscious Lengths hair just like your own hair. The only difference is – it looks better..!!
Q. My hair is too thin and I don’t want my extensions to be noticeable.
A. A lot of our clientele fit into this category. We can thicken up thin fine hair and transform it into beautiful luscious lengths in an instant. Everything we do looks natural – just as if it were your own.
Q. How do I retouch my hair colour?
A. It will not harm the bonds if you get hair die on them so it is fine to colour your roots just as your normally would. It is not advised to lighten the extensions as it can damage them.